vacuum bed

BSP are delighted to announce that we have added to our Milling work holding equipment by investing in a high powered vacuum bed.

This new investment will allow BSP to produce certain parts much quicker, particularly parts made from thin sheet metal and plate material. BSP are already using this work holding method to produce complex aluminium panels, fascias, heat sinks and processor boards, quickly and efficiently.

If you have a requirement for this type of work, please contact us for a competitive quotation.

Even if you are unsure if your parts are suited to this application, we are very happy to advise an alternative solution. 

Additional CapacityBSP are pleased to announce that we have added to our already comprehensive range of turning centres. We are expecting delivery of another CNC Turning centre within the next week that will offer us additional turning capacity ranging from 20mm – 300 mm in diameter.

Our new acquisition will also give us the opportunity to take on more shaft work utilising the 80mm diameter through spindle and programmable tailstock. This is another positive step by BSP to offer our customers the capacity and capability that they need.

No down timeA new 165kva backup generator has been installed at the BSP premises in Snetterton, Norfolk. This will give our customers peace of mind that BSP will no longer feel any effect from the UK’s erratic weather patterns or spontaneous power cuts.

Where other companies can suffer quite sever effects from power cuts such as machine errors, component scrap age and costly down time, BSP has now protected itself from such issues.